18 janvier 2012

In Your Body [Take 2]

Ariane Moffatt is an award-winning, platinum-selling Francophone artist from Montréal, Quebec who is skinny-dipping into the Anglo music scene with her latest electro-pop number 'In Your Body,' a woozy synth-drenched ode to sex addiction.

As Moffatt tells Spinner in inimitably French fashion, the song is a "short movie-like journey of an obsessed and skin-addicted character for the object of her desire. Circling her prey on her old bicycle, spying it to find the entering doors of it's body and hide between the flesh and the bone. Poor mad Aphrodite, she can't seem to control her sexual compulsions. When the sun comes out, you decide if she won or not."

(No, we didn't run her French-language quote through Google Translate.)

'In Your Body' is officially released on Jan. 24, but Spinner is offering the world premiere of the track a week early -- and as a free MP3 download.

Her upcoming album 'MA,' which will be in both French and English, is coming out Feb. 28 on Audiogram.


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Source: Spinner.ca

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