21 mars 2012

On en parle à la CBC.

Fanny Bloom, David Giguère, Ariane Moffatt and the best new francophone singer-songwriters

Also crashing headfirst through linguistic barriers is singer and songwriter Ariane Moffatt, who is no mystery to audiences in France or Quebec on the strength of three previous studio albums of original, French language music. The 32-year-old multi-instrumentalist has just released her fourth studio album, MA, a head-trippy mix of tracks both French and English as she makes a very deliberate first foray into the North American English market where she is virtually unknown. The note-perfect, pristine-piped Moffatt wrote and produced MA in her Mile End recording studio, and played an estimated 90 per cent of the instruments, resulting in a coherent and fully realized album that puts darkly coloured, glitchy electro head-nodders up against sunny day pop songs of the highest order. Serious, mischevious fun. [...]

By Jamie O'Meara - CBC Music blog

Le mot du jour demain sera: El Mocambo. Il sera possible d'entendre live de Toronto le showcase auquel Ariane participe lors de la CMW. On écoute dès 20h00 sur CBC Radio3.
(Si je ne me trompe pas, ce sera également diffusé sur les ondes d'Espace Musique.)

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