16 octobre 2012

Too Late - Le clip

On savait qu'il arrivait et bien le voici, en primeur sur spinner.ca
"Ariane Moffatt, the sophisticated Quebecois pop artist who recently assured us she's not a sex addict, has a new video for the song "Too Late." The video features 50 women riding around on bicycles at night and doubles down on hipsterness by being shot in both Brooklyn, New York and Montreal, Quebec. "Such a fun shoot, riding at night on a nice bike in both Montréal and Brooklyn!" Moffatt tells Spinner. "I like the fact that the concept isn't too attached to the song lyrics and story. It kept the thrill and sensuality but it's not over-narrative. Cheers to all the production crew that became closer friends through the process. Vive la gang des BMX!" [...]

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