26 mars 2012

Retour sur la CMW, Toronto.

Pre-Show Hype: Pretty, pretty high. Moffatt has been a Quebec darling since she released her first album in 2002. But it wasn’t until her latest album, Ma, that she really blew up in English Canada (because, well, it’s her first release that’s mostly in English).
Crowd: The perfect size. Packed, but with enough room to dance.
Performance: The pixie-haired Moffatt oozed sex appeal as she attacked the microphone, keyboard, and drum surrounding her, bombarding the audience with her breathy yet forceful voice. She was backed by hard-hitting electro-pop from her band, which included members from Creature and Winter Gloves.
Best Moment: The sweat getting too unwieldy, Moffatt pointed out to the radio audience (the show was being streamed on SiriusXM) that she was wiping her face with a brown paper bag, which was all she had. “Rock and roll!”
Miscellaneous: Ma might have been her breakthrough album in the English-speaking world (it was a number-one bestseller on Billboard Canada and iTunes Canada), but we actually preferred her singing in her native tongue.
Verdict: 8/10
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